Above Ground Tornado Shelter and Safe Room

Express Shelters’ above-ground storm shelters (safe rooms) are a great choice for those with limited mobility, problems getting up and down stairs or those that do not want to go underground. Designed to uphold winds from an EF5 tornado.  We provide debris impact tested shelter protection against tornadoes and severe weather. View Impact Video



Small  Safe Room 4X4 
16 SQ FT $4000
$250 sq. ft.

Medium Safe Room 4X6
24 SQ FT $4500.00
$187.50 sq. ft.

Large Safe Room 4X8
32 SQ FT $5000.00
$156.25 sq. ft.

X-Large Safe Room 6X8
48 SQ FT $6000.00
$125.00 sq ft

Deluxe 6 X 12

72 SQ FT $9000.00
$125.00 sq ft

Above Ground Tornado Shelter and Safe Room Features

  • Approximately 6 1/2 ft. tall
  • Inward opening -  1/4″ Steel Plate door
  • ¼” Steel Walls
  • ¼” thick 4” steel channel skeleton on the inside
  • 3 – ¾”  steel locking bars on the door
  • Installed in your garage to your specifications.
  • Secured to slab with anchor bolts
  • Coated with a rust resistant paint
  • Natural air exchange built into the design. Can be built with air duct connect ability
  • Battery operated LED lights
  • Floors are carpeted
  • Registered with the National Storm Shelter Registry and your local Emergency Management Agency (where available), so if your area has an event they know where you are located and can get to you quickly
  • Meets and Exceeds FEMA 320 standards and the more strict ICC/NSSA standards for shelters
  • Normal Installation Time: 2-4 hours

Contact us at 901-692-3804 or email us at shelters@expressshelters.com today to discuss your shelter needs.