Tornado Shelter Distributors

Want to become a tornado shelter dealer/installer and can’t get other companies to return your phone calls or emails?

Would you like to sell a high quality product, that could make a difference in nearly all of your customers lives? Do you have a complementing line of business that makes sense to go into the Tornado Shelter market?

Put your idle equipment to use, increase your catalog, or just add another profit center to your business by selling Tornado Shelters!

As severe weather seems to only grow worse and continues to plague citizens all abroad, Tornado Shelter Dealers have been popping up throughout the United States. We are reaching out to companies ranging from Home Builders & Contractors, Landscaping companies, and Home Improvement companies to offer an additional service to your customers…..a Tornado Shelter! Various governmental agencies such as FEMA, EMA, USDA, FHA, HUD and more offer rebates and financing programs for Tornado Shelters who meet or exceed FEMA 320 standards. Express Shelters LLC Tornado Shelters meet and exceed the standards and specifications set by FEMA 320 and ICC 500.

For more information on how to become an independant dealer/installer of Express Shelters LLC Tornado Shelters please email or call 901-692-3804.