Install Process

Express Storm Shelters are typically installed in under 4 hours into both new and already existing garage floors.

Our installers are experienced, detail oriented and have  installed over 100 storm shelters to date. So that you can have peace of mind we have gone to the expense of drug testing, finger printing, conducting a criminal background check, and random drug testing on all of our installers.

Below is the basic process for installing your new storm shelter:

Step 1: Cut Concrete

Cut Garage Floor Concrete


Step 2: Dig The Hole

Dig The  Hole

Step 3: Insert Shelter

Insert Shelter Into Ground

Step 4: Back-fill

StepBackfill (4-yards of concrete)

(4-yards of concrete)

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Impact Testing of Above and Below Ground Storm Shelters at Texas Tech Wind Science Institute for Express Shelters LLC.ICC 500 requires Impact testing. Both passed for an EF5 Rating. Watch impact testing video.