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Above Ground Shelters/Safe-Rooms

Pricing for our Above Ground Shelters & Safe-Rooms includes unite, installation, and tax. We fabricate each one to be long-lasting, reliable, and safe for you and your family. Some of the Above Ground Shelter features include: Inward opening - 1/4" Steel Plate door, double sided bolt lock 1/4"steel walls, Steel channel skeleton on the inside three 3/4" solid steel locking bars on the door Installed in your garage to your specifications, secured to slab with anchor bolts every 12", coated with a rust resistant paint, natural air exchange built into the design. Our shelters can be built with air duct connectivity, battery operated LED lights, benches and floor are carpeted, removable benches.

We are registered with your Local Emergency Management Agency (Where available), so if your area has an event, they will know where you are located and can get to you quickly. We meet and exceed FEMA guidelines, as well as the more strict ICC/NSSA standards for shelters. Normal installation of just a few hours! Contact us today to get started.

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